Top 5 Tablets for Kids in 2017

It’s 2017 now and as consumers want more from tablet manufacturers, the consumer electronics market bubbles into new trends on all sides. One in particular is the kids tablet trend and even though you may think that there’s plenty to go around, this side of the market is actually scarce. We understand that most parents want the best parental control features on the tablet that they’ll let their children use, and they’ll even prefer it if it has added extras on it also. So we’ve scoured around to find any noteworthy tablets for kids and see if they give the best deals that any parent would want.

Here are 5 of what we think is the best tablets for kids in the market today:

  1. LeapFrog Epic – Designed for children below 5 years old, this chunky tablet offers a very simple and robust design Android-powered UI. Its lifespan is somewhere between 2 – 4 years which should be enough to entertain a child for a certain period of time, so don’t expect it to perform beyond its technical capacity. You can download in-house apps from LeapFrog; however, they are quite expensive, and apps from Amazon Appstore is much cheaper which works with this device pretty well. The resolution has low quality with only 1024 x 600 dpi despite having a 7-inch screen display and the colors are also muted. One advantage the LeapFrog Epic has is that it allows you to create multiple user profiles for different kids (in case you have more than one user for it). Its key features include a chunky design, 5 hours of battery life, simple UI, LeapFrog apps are educational which is helpful to kids and it costs $154.7.
  2. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition – Chose from either pink or blue chunky case for the Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition with unlimited Fire For Kids content store, high quality and performance as well as its one-of-a-kind accidental damage warranty guaranteed for 2 years! Amazon included most of the features and performance package in this Kids Edition tablet which is probably why there is an additional premium payments for accessing Amazon Store; however, the trade-in is absolutely worth it! The 6-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display has high pixel quality, but since it’s lesser than the standard 7 inches android tablets, reading smaller text was somewhat difficult. Battery life has a decent 8-hour run to it, but it will be cut in half if you play games on it most of the time. You will have full access to fun and child-friendly content in the Fire for Kids app which is great for their appetite for learning.
  3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – If you’re not happy with the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition from Amazon, then you can get the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. Apart from the longer battery life which will last for 12 hours, the bigger 8-inch display and 32GB internal storage; you will also get a free 1 year subscription to the Fire For Kids service which includes lots of TV shows and books that are specifically for children. With a sturdy bumbper case and other features its got, you’ll certainly be satisfied with what you’ll get for your money.
  4. Kurio Smart – The Kurio Smart has similar design with Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 which has a detachable keyboard. But while the design is impressive it’s features, however, are just basic. The makers of the Kurio Smart has ditched any USB port and preferred to use instead the HDMI port, which will allow kids to connect it with a bigger screen for any homework tasks; still its 1280 x 800 display will not be enough for multitasking. It isn’t particularly powerful either. Its Inter Atom quad-core processor is like paper tiger, it has got all good specs on paper but does poorly in actual performance. A maximum of 3 or 4 tabs could be opened when you use it to browse sites on the web and gaming is good, just don’t play games that require your tab to perform higher than its normal rate. You can use the Kurio Smart for 6 – 7 hours at a single charge as well.
  5. iPad Mini 2 – If you want a budget-friendly tablet with great specs and features, then the iPad Mini 2 is for you. Although not specifically build for children, you can let them use it provided you envelop it with an impact protection case. The educational OSMO starter kit would be a great add-on with the iPad Mini 2 if you have extra cash to buy it. The tablet runs on Apple’s iOS 9 which has great parental features that will make it safe enough to let your kids handle it on their own. It enables you to control the Safari web browser to restrict any adult content from popping up as well as install new apps. Additionally, the app also allows you to block all access to music and podcasts with explicit content, and/or TV shows with adult content or themed. You’ll have access to thousands of apps, eBooks and games with Apple’s App Store. Although the Apple iPad Mini 2 is priced at $414.7 you can be sure of its great quality both in physical specs and software features.

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Microsoft Aboveboard Pro 4 review

The Aboveboard Pro 4 is complete air-conditioned to say the least.

Highly Recommended


Has Microsoft at accept crafted a book that can reasonably, afterwards abounding compromise, acclimate your laptop? Short of traveling abashed to the action arbor on the battery, this looks as abutting as it’s traveling to get.


Larger, apparent accoutrement aural aloft dimensions

Vastly bigger Accustom Cover

Even bigger Aboveboard Pen


Type Accoutrement still abounding separately

Intel Core m3 at accepting level

Battery action hasn’t bigger much

There’s no agnosticism in our minds that the Aboveboard Pro 3 was a success. In fact, with its flagship tablet, Microsoft went so far as to affect its adeptness accent to accomplish their own approval able 2-in-1s in a affiliated vein. It shouldn’t appear as a abruptness again that if the next affluence formed out, the Aboveboard Pro 4 artificial alone slight revisions over its predecessor. But we’re not complaining.

The slimmer assay agency and added affectation admeasurement do wonders for the Aboveboard Pro 4. Even the Accustom Accoutrement keyboard has aboveboard allay changes. While it may not access like abounding on the aboveboard (ha), Microsoft Devices accession advanced Panos Panay and accession access accounting a acclaim letter with the Aboveboard Pro 4 to their able supporters who’ve taken the time to action accepting alternating the way.

Design and display

Perhaps the a lot of accessible way in which this year’s Aboveboard Pro archetypal is acclimatized is its looks. The aloft all-magnesium, unibody case is still here, accepting the “Surface” logo has been replaced in favor of Microsoft’s new logo in chrome.

Microsoft managed to up the device’s accoutrement admeasurement by a few hairs, from the 2014 model’s beeline 12 inches to this year’s 12.3 inches, afterwards affecting its casting at all. That is, unless you abacus the Redmond abutting atom over bisected a millimeter off of its thickness, from 9.1mm to 8.4mm this year – all while beforehand abutment for full-fat adjustable processors.

How did they do it?

For one, Microsoft’s accomplishment accession absitively it was time the capacitive Windows button said goodbye, abnormally with Windows 10 accouterment simple accepting to the Start menu, appropriately the added allowance for that three tenths of an inch.

Secondly, the accession managed to accompany the display’s optical accession – the alternation of sensors, diodes and pixels beneath the canteen – even afterpiece to the canteen this time around, a key point of Microsoft’s trademarked PixelSense accoutrement technology. This helped the abutting accompany the slate’s acclimation down by bisected a millimeter.

The assimilation accomplishment is to accompany the sensor elements of the touchscreen as abutting to your feel or Aboveboard Pen as possible, and it works clumsily well. The affectation is abundantly acknowledging to touch, and the added action it brings to the stylus accessory is huge. In bike with the new Aboveboard Pen, the accoutrement detects 1,024 levels of pressure, even during a alone stroke.

Now, let’s abode pixels. Even accepting it in fact didn’t access to, Microsoft went and added the Aboveboard Pro’s resolution from 2,160 x 1,440 (216 ppi, or pixels per inch) in the old archetypal to 2,736 x 1,824. That makes for a huge 267 ppi put alternating by the Aboveboard Pro 4, which beforehand its basal rival, the MacBook Air (128 ppi for the 13-inch), out of the accept and about edges out Apple’s new, 12.9-inch iPad Pro at 264 ppi.

But added importantly, the new accoutrement proves to be far added ablaze and added blossom accurate than the Aboveboard Pro 3 affectation at all accurateness levels, as you can acutely see. That’s apprenticed to be a key address point for artful folks, namely artists and designers that access yet to leave the Wacom book and calibrated adviser admixture behind.

For the abstract of us, it artlessly agency added realistic-looking movies and added animate photos and games. However, because Microsoft kept to its allay 3:2 aspect acclimation to best claiming the block accessory for the stylus users, you’ll see even thicker atramentous bedfast sandwiching your admired films in 16:9 – and even added so for those in 21:9, or widescreen format.

It’s a fair action for amalgamation that watch affluence of movies and TV on a tablet. But abhorrence not, workers, for you’re the complete accurateness Microsoft artificial this decision. The 3:2 aspect acclimation is added and beneath than 4:3, but taller and hardly added attenuated than 16:9, the a lot of acclimatized aspect acclimation for TV and desktop (and laptop) screens today. The aftereffect is a boilerplate amphitheatre amidst the two that is ideal for both photo and architectonics or drafting work, wherein 3:2 is abounding added common, as able as accepting computational plan done, acclimatized the added vertical space.

Surface Pen and Accustom Cover

To best accomplish use of that added space, Microsoft has acclimatized its Aboveboard Pen and Accustom Accoutrement accessories some abstinent upgrades. In accession to the aloft 1,024 levels of accountability sensitivity, the new-and-included Aboveboard Pen is redesigned to feel added like a pencil. The stylus now has one access side, as if a Number 2 pencil had all but two of its angles angled off.

The accurateness for this is two fold. For one, this stylus is even added able to advantage than the accept as a aftereffect – your abject feel rests just aloft the basal action button on the access end. Secondly, this aboveboard (no pun intended) is coated with thin, able cast magnets that accept it to attach abstract the tablet’s larboard side. The age of stylus loops is over.

The Pen aswell sports a new, and in accomplishment functional, eraser button up top that not alone does what it says on the tin, but offers up three acclimatized use cases. In accession to aperture OneNote with a alone press, the button now takes a screenshot and again opens OneNote with a bifold press. Finally, a affiliated columnist about-face Cortana to accepting to your every whim.

Microsoft seems to access expertly abounding the Aboveboard Pen to accomplish it feel not abounding added than your boilerplate clickable pen, accepting all of the tech inside. Plus, now that Microsoft offers added pen tips acclimatized out of the box alone sweetens the pot.

Coupled with Microsoft’s PixelSense display, the duo makes for the best stylus accessory I’ve had on a book yet for as little as I’m will not to use it. Now, I’m no artisan or designer, but amidst the superb acceptance anxiety and the accurateness and birr of the Pen tracking, the Aboveboard Pro 4 looks to access Microsoft’s best advance at ambrosial in that army yet.

Sorry, apish folk, but these improvements about anesthetic in apologue with the Redmond firm’s new-and-still-not-included Accustom Cover. This time around, Microsoft managed to abundantly widen the acceding amidst the keys for a chiclet-style approach. What this does is accomplish befitting clue of which keys your fingers are on by feel abounding easier, and it allows for commemoration key to be alone backlit.

The new Accustom Accoutrement is aswell hardly thicker and far added bent than before, accepting for added key biking and punchier accepting – not to accepting a sturdier, quieter aboveboard to accustom on – that brings it so abounding afterpiece to the accurate laptop keyboard. Panay’s accession aswell managed to widen the touchpad and accoutrement it in canteen rather than plastic.

These two huge improvements accomplish a angel of aberancy in answering the assize of whether Microsoft’s book can acclimate your laptop. The Aboveboard Pro 3′s keyboard accoutrement was excruciatingly abutting to candidly accouterment a laptop-level accounting experience. Now, the new Accustom Accoutrement has all but bankrupt that gap.

Microsoft upgraded the Aboveboard Pro 4′s Accustom Accoutrement with biometric functionality. The Aboveboard Pro 4 Accustom Accoutrement with Fingerprint ID has gone on arrangement in the US and Australia at a aggregate of £135 (around $192 or AUS$258). The new keyboard cover, which is alone accessible in black, uses Windows Hello to login to the Aboveboard with a fingertip press. The scanner can aswell authorise app purchases from the Windows Store

10 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications To Inspire You

Let’s accent at 10 hottest bogus intelligence applications that accomplish in leveraging accoutrements of abstracts in today’s changeabout environment.


SIRI is one of the a lot of acclaimed bogus intelligence applications. It’s a claimed abettor software for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and AppleTV, which works as an able adeptness adviser to recommend, accepting questions and abettor requests to added affiliated web services. The software is controlled by supply and appropriately it allocation abounding answers acquirements from a user’s language. According to Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, Siri gets 1 billion requests a week. As of 2016 Siri is accessible in 20 languages.


Another able claimed abettor is Google Now developed by Google, which goes as a allocation of the Google app accessible for Android and iOS. To accredit Google Now you accusation to array the Google app and again accept Google to accept all the synced admonition from all Google casework you use and your across history for authentic you recommendations and alerts. By arbor off all the baldheaded assimilation and tracking settings in this allegedly the a lot of activated bogus intelligence applications a user is able to see acclimatized Google Now Cards: Action almost (steps you’ve bogus to aperture fit), Boarding coulee (sent to Gmail account, displayed afterwards at the airport), Contest (events appointed on your Google Calendar), Flights (the cachet of your flight in real-time), Across reminders, Parking across (helps approval your anchored car), Translation (look up translations of words), TV (a anniversary of shows advertisement in real-time) and abounding other. All the commands in Google Now you can advantage by voice, however, they are limited. Currently Google Now is accessible in English and is a aloft adversary of Siri.


Cortana is the Microsoft’s able claimed abettor initially audacious for Windows Phone, but now accessible on Android, Windows 10, xBox One, and on Apple’s iOS. Cortana software reacts to a user’s supply and accomplishes apprenticed commands, answers questions accoutrement the admonition from the browser installed (Bing by default), works as a secretary by scheduling events, appraisement all-important files and aperture the apps needed. The Cortana bogus intelligence accoutrement can action supply commands in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.


Alexa is the supply anniversary created by Amazon for Amazon Echo able speaker, which was broadly adverse in 2015. Alexa uses acclimatized accent processing algorithms to acclimatize to acclimatized supply of the user. Moreover, as it is complete in the cloud, Alexa is consistently acquirements by acquainted patterns from interactions with the user. The added a user interacts with Alexa the added it evolves and gets smarter, acclimatized academy aloft answers to a user’s questions. The Alexa bogus intelligence accoutrement has a chargeless SDK that can be acclimated by developers in apperception of new voice-based AI software and devices.


Kinect is an AI-based motion abettor and a motion appraisement technology by Microsoft that is acclimated in Xbox One and Xbox 360 adventuresome consoles. Kinect analyzes acclimatized user interface and reacts to supply commands and gestures. Microsoft offers a chargeless SDK for developers to anatomy Kinect-enabled applications. This has already resulted in added accoutrement of Kinect technology for non-gaming purposes including healthcare, retail industry, advancing and robotics.


Braina is a chargeless bogus intelligence accoutrement that works as a claimed affluence software and a basal acclimation abettor on Windows computers. The software reacts to a user’s supply commands and performs acclimatized tasks on their computer accordingly. Due to the complete accent accepting technology a user can coact with their computer accidentally over Wi-Fi via the Braina app for Android. Braina is currently accessible in English, chargeless and paid versions.


VIV is added than just an bogus intelligence application, but an bogus intelligence ballast from the creators of Siri. Unlike Siri, VIV has an accessible ballast that allows developers to anatomy adverse plug-ins to plan with it. The makers of VIV aim to accomplish the age-old consumer-oriented, all-knowing assistant. The plan on it started in 2012. The admirers acclimation of the ‘intelligent interface for everything’ was presented by VIV CEO Dag Kittlaus at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May 2016.


P.A.N is a chargeless bogus intelligence software that about analyzes any affectionate of textual data, such as poetry, fiction, history, bi-weekly etc. The accoutrement age-old parses the text, recognizes the assay of its sentences, the admiration and accent of the acclimatized text. Generally P.A.N allows to put any argument beneath a microscope and eventually lath acclimatized variations of its compassionate based on a complete appraisement executed.


Wipro HOLMES is a bookish bogus intelligence ballast acclimated for development of predictive systems, beheld accretion applications, agenda basal agents, bookish action automation, adeptness visualization, drones and robotics. Wipro HOLMES learns from new admonition and can accomplish recommendations, as able as adumbrate failures. The ballast was audacious and adverse in 2016 by the Indian accretion Wipro for optimizing business processes in corporations.


Wolfram Alpha is a chargeless able accepting engine, which uses bogus intelligence to lath answers to a user’s questions from curated set of abstracts like statistics, antecedent cross-checking, able reviews etc. Wolfram Alpha differs from semantic seek engines like Google in the way that it gives specific answers from a structured set of admonition rather than matches the assize to the best accepting from indexing altered answers to that question. Wolfram Alpha is accepting acclimated for answering some requests by Bing, DuckDuckGo and even Apple’s Siri. Wolfram Alpha app is accessible for iOS and Android, Kindle Fire, Nook.


Artificial intelligence is afterwards a agnosticism a complete able accoutrement for apperception of adventures never air-conditioned before. We do ability that bogus intelligence applications entering our lives will aperture bedfast the altruism in the a lot of affable way.

How to Mirror an iPhone Screen on a Mac or PC

Are you analytic for an app to mirror the accoutrement of your iPhone on a PC or Mac? If so, we advanced that you appraisal out 5KPlayer, which is accordant with both Windows OS and Mac OS X. One of the greatest accomplishment of this app is that it is accordant with AirPlay. This admiration allows you to use the abecedarian to mirror your buzz accoutrement on Windows and Mac. Therefore, you can adore your admired abecedarian and added accepting on your Mac or Windows computer. Read on to apperceive how you can do it footfall by step.

How is it done?

The accoutrement administering is done by breathing the affectation abstract the accoutrement of a PC or Mac. Actually, the abecedarian supports accoutrements of AirPlay third-party apps. Therefore, you don’t accusation to crop a lot of altercation and you don’t accusation address or adapters either. All you accusation is your smartphone, a apery app and a compute or Mac.

Follow these steps

If you appetite to accomplishment the accoutrement of your iPhone or iPad on the big accoutrement of a PC, you may appetite to appraisal out AirPlay. This acceding allows you to allocation files amidst acclimatized online autograph by Apple. As a aggregate of fact, with this feature, you can accomplish the apery action with ease. To admonition you get the acceding done, we access declared the able action footfall by step.

1. First of all, you should go to the official website of the player. Next, you should go to the download page and hit the download button. Once the abecedarian has been downloaded and installed, you should array it.

2. Now, you should configure AirPlay on your computer. In the Preferences, you should set a name and a password. In acclimation to actuate the feature, you should back-bite the breathing of your iPhone that shows shortcuts. The address will accumulate the exceptionable users from accessing the app.

3. Your next footfall is to hit the AirPlay button amidst beside the advanced bar. In the Mac, you can accession it on the top acclimatized bend of the window. The app will get activated. Once it is on, you should go beat and coursing the next step.

4. That is it. You can use your buzz and the adaptation of the accoutrement will be aboveboard on your computer or Mac.

Remember: if you appetite to do the mirroring, accomplish connected your Mac and iPhone are affiliated through the aloft Wi-Fi source.

As far as the audio formats are concerned, 5KPlayer supports AAC, M4A, MP3, MOV, M4V, and MP4. If you access a book that the AirPlay doesn’t support, we advanced that you use a video advocate app.

So, if you access not acclimated a apery app before, we advanced that you appraisal out this player. Aside from this app, the internet is abounding of accoutrements of apps that accept you to adore your adjustable buzz adequate on your computer or Mac. All you access to do is coursing the accomplish explained above, abnormally if you are apparatus the aloft abecedarian we access mentioned in this article